Technical stuff

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Grateful thanks are due to Brett Lawler for uploading my web pages, and adding their more sophisticated features on my behalf. Also to Paul Brittain for ironing out the bugs when I first tried uploading this page myself!

The web site was designed using a screen size of 640 x 480 pixels and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. The pages were written in Notepad using HTML which I learnt from 'Create a Web Site' by Rob Young, published by W H Smith Ltd.

I was well into expanding my web site when I learnt that a new standard, XHTML, would be coming in. So it seemed sensible to master this as soon as possible. I was recommended to read 'Teach yourself HTML and XHTML in 24 hours' by Dick Oliver published by SAMS. It became clear that it would be necessary to revise everything I had written to date. This I did - but it does not invalidate the usefulness, particularly if you are a beginner, of Rob Young's book.

The images were scanned in using UMAX VistaScan32 v3.51 and then manipulated with Adobe Photo Deluxe v2.0 and PaintShopPro v4.14.

Pages were validated using HTML-Kit and HTML Tidy v1 (Build 290) from

Wherever possible I have used cascading style sheets.

The site has been checked using Internet Explorer. Layout, links and other features do not always work as intended when viewed via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

(Last updated January 2017)